What does all my volunteer work have to do with selling rental cars?

Given that I’ve just finished college, I am obviously looking for gainful employment. Something I can use to start saving money to get my own place. I realize that the average person doesn’t work at the same place for their entire career, so I am not necessarily looking for a forever home. Naturally, I’ve added my resume to those fancy job search websites you see commercials for.

That might have been a mistake.

Since doing that, I have gotten (metaphorical) piles of emails from various recruiters whose places of business have absolutely nothing to do with anything on my resume. I have received word from people who sell power tools and technology. Nonspecific technology, at that. At least six emails about how I am the exact right person to sell rental cars. All from the same rental car company. A couple from the same person. The same email. Every time. You would think they would get the clue that I don’t want to sell rental cars. You’d be wrong. I have gotten phone calls from people who think I would be great for selling insurance or doing banking.

From these clues, you would think that my resume had something to do with business.

Again, you’d be wrong.

The title of my resume on these websites is my name and “Non-Profit Professional.” I majored in Psychology. I didn’t go to a business school. I can’t even list all the organizations and clubs I have volunteered with because it would become silly and redundant. I want to work with a cancer advocacy organization or a group who aides special needs children. An organization preferable geared toward people (but I’m flexible on that point). I want absolutely nothing to do with the three different insurance companies who have contacted me. I don’t want to get rich quick. I know I am not going to make a profit in my line of work, but I don’t care. I want to help people in a way that doesn’t ask for anything in return. The closest I have gotten to working in the business world were mall jobs I held throughout high school and the start of college. I don’t want to work somewhere with shareholders. I also really don’t want to sell rental cars.

I also have a bone to pick with the aforementioned job search websites. Who in their right mind classifies working as a bartender at the local Olive Garden as working in the non profit industry? Again, I am aware that no one really makes a profit working as a bartender at the Olive Garden. However, last I checked, Olive Garden didn’t hold a 501(c) tax status. Seriously, every time it comes up in a search, it makes me want to smack someone. Preferably, the person who lists Olive Garden in the non profit category.

Anyone happen to know a non profit organization in the tri-state area looking to hire a young woman with spunk, drive, and enthusiasm? The first two I can find for them on Craigslist. That last one is all me. (Or if they want to hire a young woman who really wants to work, I can totally help them out with that, too.)


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