Am I that disconnected with the world?

I fully admit to being a sarcastic, obnoxious human being. Some people I know might disagree with my chosen definition of my demeanor, but sometimes it is the whole truth.

I try not to be mean-spirited with my sarcasm. What good would that do for anyone? I also try not to be too complicated with it. Lately, though, I wonder if everything I say is going over people’s heads.

In recent weeks, I haven’t exactly been having a stellar time. So when someone out in the world politely asks me how I am, giving them a completely honest answer would take hours, and, as Sweet Brown puts it, ain’t nobody got time for that. My chosen response on these days, is a simple, but clear,  “just ducky”. Or at least, I think it’s clear, as in  my sarcasm is clear. The following conversation always informs me otherwise. A nurse at a doctor’s office told me she was happy to hear I was doing well. A clerk at a store told me that was great (although she gets the benefit of the doubt because who really pays attention to the answer to that question when you’re working retail). A hostess at a restaurant was so pleased to hear something other than “good” and “okay” and she wanted to hear things like that and “fantastic” and ” superb”. As the hostess is blathering on and on about mundane responses versus punchy ones, my friend and I are just looking at each other with knowing eyes that say she clearly hasn’t picked up on what I really meant. I do acknowledge that it is hard to counter ducky with an appropriate response, but I have never not heard the word ducky used sarcastically. Am I missing something? Just how much of what I say goes over the heads of the people around me.

I take comfort in the fact that the people I talk to the most seem to understand me, or are very good at pretending that they do. I do tend to associate more with a group of people who are incredibly jaded, disdainful, and sarcastic all in their own ways. I imagine that has something to do with why we get along. I am a touch concerned about how I am getting along with people who are not necessarily in that circle of people. Am I not connecting with people and just not realizing it?

In any case, please note that the use of the word “ducky” in response to the question “How are you?” and its variations is usually said with sarcasm and should be treated as such.


One thought on “Am I that disconnected with the world?

  1. Justjen says:

    I ALWAYS say ‘just ducky’ and nobody calls me on it. Except my dad, who will make a joke on some variation of how wet/ rainy the weather must be. If I’m in a really foul mood I’ll answer “peachy keen” and for some reason everybody picks up on that.

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