Every now and then, the pendulum swings too far in the other direction

I may be dealing with the issues that many people who have just completed a Bachelor’s degree face. I am very aware of the fact that I am not the only one. But every now and then, I’m more of an old lady than a newly minted college graduate in her twenties.

In recent weeks, I knit a blanket. A baby blanket, to be precise. Not for me, but a couple I know who just had their first. The kid is almost too cute for words and I go on Facebook as often as I do just so I can look at the new pictures his parents post. I could not have looked less my age while making it. I would sit on my couch with the needles clicking away, chasing the cats away from my yarn. Occasionally, I would have to push my glasses back up onto my face because they would slide down to the bottom of my nose. Seriously, I looked a little ridiculous.

One of my favorite hobbies is not one you would expect for someone my age. I like to go antiquing. Seriously. I like to go to antique shops and ponder about the past histories of the items available for sale. I am known to buy something if I have the money for it. I once bought my mother an antique cheese cleaver (Who *does* that?). My three favorite antiques that I own are my 1940s telephone, a music box that belonged to my maternal great-grandmother, and a compact that belonged to my paternal great-great-grandmother. My favorite places to go are museums based out of a place that used to be someone’s house and still has all of the original furnishings where the tour guides dress in clothes from the era that the house is furnished in. One place locally has a hundred year old piano that they will actually let you play (If you know how to play the piano, that is. They don’t let small children bang on the keys for giggles). The weekend after senior prom, most kids went down the shore and partied so hard they don’t have any legitimate memories of what happened. After senior prom, I did go down the shore. But a to a tiny shore down that has seven antique shops on the main road. I went to all of them. I stayed in an inn that was over a hundred years old. The place had a VHS library for you to entertain yourself with.

I also have sudden on-set occasional Alzheimer’s disease. Okay, maybe not. I say this because this was not at all the blog I had intended to write. I had a great idea for a blog in the beginning of the week that I was really looking forward to writing, and promptly proceeded to FORGET WHAT IT WAS. I have no idea what I was actually planning on writing about. I also frequently get up and go into a room, only to forget why I went in there in the first place. And I only remember when I have sat back down in another room.

I have already written an extensive post about the wrinkles creeping up on my forehead.

This getting old shit sucks.


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