Can we please just get over it now?

As a general rule, I stay out of arguments about most hot topics. Religion, politics, education, among many others. It isn’t that I am not knowledgeable about these things, I just don’t have the patience to get in a petty argument that will only result in anger, hurt feelings, and lost friends. Best to just keep my opinions to myself. Many debates to warrant continued conversation, so I usually don’t care when they span over a large group of people and an extended period of time. However, this is getting a little ridiculous.

I, like many others, watched the 85th Academy Awards two weeks ago. I watched it from the start of the pre-show to the very end of the credits and did not miss a single second. I watched Charlize Theron and Channing Tatum glide across the stage. I witnessed the upset by Argo in the Best Picture category. I waited with bated breath as Jennifer Lawrence tripped her way to accepting her award. And yes, I also took note of Seth MacFarlane’s now infamous number, “We Saw Your Boobs.”

This simple song has taken the country by storm, polarizing people in a befuddling fashion. I have seen people arguing about it as recently as this morning on Facebook, of all places. People insisting that it was just a joke and MacFarlane meant no harm. Other demanding the man’s head because how dare he diminish the determined and inspired displays of dignity by dames who defied norms to bare all. The former thinks that the latter are too up-tight and righteous. The latter think that the former needs to stop telling them what is okay to make a joke about and what isn’t. I know people who truly don’t get what the big deal is about and others who believe that he has insulted the actresses mentioned by depreciating their performances to a mere boob shot. Both sides feel very strongly and are very pissed off.

Personally, I don’t really give a shit, but here’s my two cents. As a woman in her 20s her has spent her fair share of time in the theater sect, I am thoroughly not offended. I actually found the song to be catchy and delightful. But that’s not my main point. I think that maybe there was a deeper meaning to the song, and it wasn’t to reduce the work of great actresses. The point was to display the fact that most of the world does that. There are whole websites dedicated to finding nudity of women in film, whether it be full frontal or a two second nip slip. When seeing a film, a lot of people don’t recognize the fact that these women may be giving the performance of their careers. All they care about is that she showed her breasts. There is also the notion that being nude in a film means instant credibility in Hollywood.  The song was a satire about how unbalanced we are as country and a culture. We’re not as advanced as we think we are if there are still pages and pages of the Internet dedicated to nudity in films.

I also don’t think all of the blame should fall on MacFarlane’s head, either. The man very clearly had help. At one point during the telecast he even said out loud, “I thought we’d cut this joke but, really? Want to still do it?” Everyone is angry with MacFarlane, but no one seems to care that he wasn’t the one writing all the jokes. There are people coming out of the woodwork to complain the he was sexist and rude and how the Academy should be ashamed of themselves for having him host. Some of these people haven’t been heard from in years, so of course their opinion is going to be relevant to today’s media. And you know what? MacFarlane has said is never going to host again! So rejoice! You won, the bad man isn’t coming back.

People are so enraged about it, and it is really starting to annoy me. I think their anger is misplaced. I saw on one thread how one person (who happened to be male) said it was just funny and didn’t understand why others didn’t find it funny. I then saw another person (who just so happened to be female) get mad with the first person for trying to tell her what is and isn’t funny. She said it put him on the same levels with the politicians who are trying to tell her what she can and can not do with her uterus. First of all, that’s a touch harsh, don’t you think? Secondly, I think you have discovered just where you can better direct your rage, lady. Don’t be mad about an awards telecast that nothing can be changed about. Get mad about the fact that women now have to fight for their reproductive rights. Get mad about the fact that women still don’t get equal pay for equal work. Get mad because there are fewer female CEOs than male. Get mad because there are few books, movies, and TV shows that feature strong leading women. Get mad that we  have to worry about how we dress and making sure that we’re not “asking for it.” Get mad the we live in a society that tells women “Don’t get raped” instead of telling men “Don’t rape.” Get mad and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Start a petition. Write your Congressman. Send a studio a letter saying you want women you can relate to. Write your own damn screenplay. Whatever you do, do something. Don’t just sit on your ass at home bitching about something that already happened and can’t be changed because not only are you wasting your time, your wasting opportunities.

Finally, it was a stupid bit in an awards show that happened two weeks ago. We are all grown ups here (theoretically). Can please just collectively put on our big girl panties and deal with it?


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